How Many Calories In Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is the most famous type of cheese. It is not a fermented or aged cheese, which makes it unique.

It is also a curd. People also commonly called it curd and whey. Chefs make cottage cheese by draining it.

It is opposite to the practice of pressing it.

This is why cottage cheese retains some of the moisture and remains loose. So, cottage cheese is the freshest cheese with a loose body structure.

Nutritional Facts of  Cottage Cheese

Nutrition Facts of the Cottage Cheese

There are amazing nutritional facts about cottage cheese, which makes it the best ingredient. You can make any recipe with cottage cheese without fearing its result on your weight.

We have given entire nutritional facts information for the 100 grams of cheese.

So, make sure to use the information keeping the 100 grams of cottage cheese in your mind.

To raise your confidence in cottage cheese, we have given the nutritional facts of the cottage cheese below:

a. Fats in Cottage Cheese

There are 4.3 grams of fats in cottage cheese. You can find 1.7 saturated fat, 0.7 polyunsaturated fat, and 0.8 monounsaturated fats.

According to the American Heart Association, one person can only consume 12 to 13 grams of fats in a day.

Cottage cheese has 4.3 grams of cottage cheese. It is not harmful to a person’s heart.

So, you can include cottage cheese in your daily diet without any concerns.

b. Cholesterol, Potassium and Sodium

If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you must follow great eating habits. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

There is a higher amount of saturated fats. So, you need to be more careful.

However, you can also find great minerals in cottage cheese such as potassium and sodium.

c. Carbohydrates in Cottage Cheese

It is the carbohydrates that cause a person to gain weight. So, you need to be careful about the food that has carbohydrates.

There are a total of 3.4 carbohydrates in the cottage cheese. There are also sugars in the cottage cheese, which is 2.7 grams. There is also 0-gram dietary fibre in the cottage cheese.

d. Protein

Since the cottage is a fresh dairy product, it contains a higher percentage of cottage cheese.

There are 11 grams of protein present. It provides the body with great amounts of protein.

e. Vitamins and Minerals in the Cottage Cheese

There is vitamin A in the cottage. You can also find many minerals in cottage cheese such as calcium, cobalamin, and magnesium.

Bottom Line: How Many Calories are in Cottage cheese?

In 100 grams of cottage cheese, there are a total of 93 calories. Cottage cheese contains saturated fats.

So, you need to remain careful about cottage cheese. Depending on other food dishes included in your routine, you should reduce or increase your intake of cottage cheese.

Dairy products are a good addition to the diet. So, consume the cottage cheese and enjoy its creaminess smartly.

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