How Many Calories In Mac And Cheese


Mac and Cheese is a creamy and enriched dish, which consists of pasta and cheesy sauce. Mac and Cheese are rightly called the national comforting dish of the United States of America.

This is a high-calorie food as it contains pasta, cheese, butter, and cream.

However, the calories of Mac and cheese may vary as the brands, serving size, and ingredients of the Mac and cheese may vary.

You can swap traditional Mac and cheese for alternative healthier recipes of Mac and cheese.

You can increase the nutritional value of Mac and cheese by choosing healthier alternative ingredients.

In this article, we will review the calorie content of the various types of Mac and cheese. Also, we will recommend how to lower the calories of the Mac and cheese:

Calories of  Mac and Cheese in a Boxed Mac and Cheese

Kraft Brand376 fats10 grams2 grams47 grams 

16 grams

Panera Bread Brand440 fats17 grams1 gram33 grams 

31 grams

Velveeta Brand310 fats13 grams2 grams44 grams 

9 grams

Daiya Brand300 fats5 grams2 grams48 grams 

9 grams

Annie’s Homegrown Brand360 fats9 grams2 grams51 grams 

4 grams

Chick-fil-A Brand440 fats19 grams8 grams29 grams 

27 grams

Homemaderegular, or gluten-free506 fats 

20 grams


3 grams


53 grams


24 grams


Calories in Traditional Mac and Cheese

If you are making Mac and cheese in the traditional way, it is always high in calories. Mac and Cheese is a high-calorie food that contains 300 to 500 calories per serving.

It is also an amazingly higher content of sodium. A traditional recipe of the mad and cheese has 600 to 1200 mg of sodium in a single serving of Mac and cheese.

Can you eat the traditional Mac and cheese every day? You can enjoy Mac and cheese many times a week if you work out.

You should work out after eating a plate of traditional Mac and cheese.

How to Reduce the Calories of the Mac and Cheese?

Since Mac and cheese is a high-calorie recipe, you can use many techniques to lower its calorie content. Here is how you can do it:

  1. You should use the high protein or high fibre paste that consists of chickpeas or beans. It is a healthier alternative to pasta.
  2. Chefs can select broccoli florets or cauliflower instead of plain macaroni for reducing calories and carbs in the dish.
  3. On every boxed mac and cheese box, there are instructions for light preparation. So, you can use the butter and milk in lesser quantities for preparing a healthier mac and cheese.
  4. We recommend you add the vegetables to the mac and cheese for increasing nutrient contents and fibre in the serving.
  5. You should halve the cheese amount and add the herbs as well as spices to the flavoured dish.


Mac and Cheese is a high-calorie food. You can use the above-mentioned techniques for enjoying amazing Mac and cheese recipes.

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