How Many Calories In String Cheese


String cheese means that there are different types of cheese available in the market. The manufacturing process of the string cheese brings together the protein in the cheese.

That makes cheese stingy in the process. When people heat the mozzarella to 60 C, it stretches. At that temperature, the milk proteins extend.

At this stage, it is also possible that peel strips from the larger cheese.

String Cheese – The Delicious Taste, Flavour, and Texture

The String Cheese is the perfect snack, which enables you to answer your cravings with the tasteful and pleasantly mild string cheese.

It also has the milky flavour of mozzarella cheese and 07 grams of protein.

The Mozzarella string cheese is also a perfect snack, which goes well with the crackers, veggies, and fruits.

If you are in hurry to reach your work, gym, school, or any road trip, the string cheese is the best thing to grab on the way.

How Many Calories in String Cheese?

We cannot ignore the fact that there are many calories in string cheese. No matter what kind of cheese it is, string cheese has a greater number of calories.

You should keep a count of the calories for maintaining your fitness. It is important to eat the most delicious and sumptuous food in life.

But it should not threaten your health or compromise your fitness.

Following we have given details regarding the calories in a string cheese:

a. Calories in the String Cheese

In one piece of string cheese, there are 90 calories. Each string cheese has 90 calories that are quite high.

Usually, people pair the string cheese with crackers, tacos, or other snacks.

So, the 90 calories will be counted along with the paired food item.

If you eat more than two strings of cheese at a time, the calories will increase twofold times. So, be aware of the calorie intake.

b. Protein in the String Cheese

Since string cheese consists of milk, it also contains lots of milk. Milk consists of iron, magnesium, and protein.

Milk is the main source of protein. So, there are 07 grams of protein in the string cheese.

You can also avail of the calcium in the string cheese. There is 15% DV in the string cheese.

Though there are many calories in a single-string cheese, you will also eat up the proteins and calcium.

c. Cholesterol and Carbohydrates

These two elements are the enemy of the health of a person. Cholesterol and carbohydrates threaten the health of a person.

The cheese sticks contain 15 grams of cholesterol. It also has 01 grams of carbohydrates.

So, it stores lots of energy in your head. You should burn the calories once you eat a cheese stick.


It is a high-calorie food that contains lots of calories. You should burn all the calories after eating string cheese.

Otherwise, you can gain weight. So, run for 10 minutes simply and you will burn all the calories that you have eaten.

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