How Many Carbs In Cottage Cheese

The cottage is a mild-flavored cottage cheese, which contains the loveliness of the fresh creamy cheese.

The cottage cheese is also famously called the curds and whey. One of the most important things that you should know about cottage cheese is that it is not old or fermented.

Normally, cheese is fermented for a longer period of time or many decades. Cottage cheese is the ingredient that brings a mild-flavored taste in the recipes.

Do You Count Your Calories?

Do You Count Your Calories

Most of us count the calories when we choose the recipe for eating something sumptuous.

The fat contents of an ingredient put our mood off. We cannot choose a recipe that has lots of fat.

Otherwise, it will cause you to gain weight.

Gaining weight and eating right are the two most talked about topics in our world. So, I also happen to count the calories.

We tend to count the carbohydrates in cottage cheese. Carbohydrates are the main culprits that cause a person to gain weight.

Nutritional Facts of Cottage Cheese

Nutritional Facts of the Cottage Cheese

First of all, let us tell you that there are 98 calories in 100 grams of cottage cheese.

In the 98 calories, you can find 4.3 grams of fat. There is 1.7-grams saturated fat, 0.1-gram polyunsaturated fat, and 0.8 grams of monounsaturated fat.

Cottage cheese provides 6% of daily calories. There are also 04-gram sugars and 10-gram protein in the cottage cheese. Cottage cheese also has cholesterol, which is about 17 mg.

Cottage cheese also has 364 mg sodium, 104 mg potassium, and 0 g dietary fiber.

Are There Any Vitamins in Cottage Cheese?

There are also a higher number of vitamins in cottage cheese. For instance, you can find 02% vitamin A, 08% calcium, 02% magnesium, and 06% cobalamin.

How Many Carbs in  Cottage Cheese?

There are carbohydrates in cottage cheese. In 100 grams of cottage cheese, you can find 3.4 gramsof carbohydrates.

In 02% of the cottage cheese, you can avail of the 06-gram total carbohydrates. Anybody, who is willing to gain weight, should include a fair amount of cottage cheese in their diet.

It will help them in putting on the weight.

Is Cottage Cheese Bad for the Weight Loss?

Are you trying to lose weight? When a person intends to lose weight, there are many questions that they must answer.

For instance, you may ask about the potential cons of consuming cottage cheese while losing weight. Cottage cheese is a type of curd cheese, which has smoothened texture and mild flavor.

It has a great many nutrients, such as protein, minerals, and vitamins B.

If you would like to build muscle or lose weight, cottage cheese is the best food that you can include in your diet.

Bottom Line

There area small number of carbohydrates in cottage cheese. There is no harm in including cottage cheese in your diet.

When you want to lose weight, just consume a little amount of cottage cheese according to your dietary requirements.

This is how you will lose weight comfortably.


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