How Many Cups Are 2 Sticks Of Butter


International trade is not the reality of the contemporary world. People had been trading goods and services for millenniums. Butter is one of such commodities that have been sold over centuries as a global commodity.

Americans had also exported the butter to the European nations. When European countries did not have enough butter, Americans sent them some.

When Americans started trading butter, they weighed it in pounds and used a scale of sticks. This was solely intended to ship it smartly.

The Confusion around Sticks of Butter is Real.

The Confusion of the Sticks of Butter is Real

Another reason why Americans weigh butter in sticks is that they weigh solids in volumes. So, European friends get annoyed when they read the sticks of the butter.

They cannot convert the recipe into cups, ounces, or cups, which is why they cannot make their favourite recipes of favourite American chefs.

So, can you tell how many cups are 02 sticks of butter?

Let us decode the statement – Not such a Difficult Thing to Do

It is not so difficult to convert sticks of butter into cups. Before we begin explaining the cups in sticks of butter, let us tell you that cups are used in Canada and the USA.

The cups are not a standard measurement method in British recipes since the 1960s. Having said this, the online world has changed the landscape of different fields including the food industry.

Many people share recipes in cup measurements. So, cup measurement has become commonplace. Following we are going to explain how many cups are 02 sticks of butter.

For this purpose, we will explain the different weights in the cups. So, we will be able to understand the 02 sticks of butter in the cup measurement. The information is below:

a. ½ Sticks of Butter in the Cups

Half sticks of butter are quite tricky to convert into cups. But the general rule of thumb is that ½ sticks of butter are equivalent to ¼ cup.

b. 1 Stick of Butter in the Cups

01 Stick of Butter is equivalent to ½ cup. ¼ and ¼ add up to the ½ cups. So, you can add in this way to ascertain the right amount of butter next time.

c. 02 Sticks of Butter in the Cups

Now, it should be easier for you to calculate the sticks of butter in the butter. Since a full stick of butter is equivalent to ½ cup. So, ½ and ½ cups equal a full 1 cup. Thus, we may say that 02 sticks of butter are equivalent to 01 cup. You have to add a full cup of butter to the recipe if the chef commands you to add the 02 sticks of butter.

Bottom Line: 1 Cup of Butter is the same as 2 Sticks of Butter

2 Sticks of butter are a full cup. One cup of butter contains 1627 calories. So, beware of the fat contents of the butter before you make anything using one cup- remember the calories!

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