How Many Cups Is A Stick Of Butter


Butter is the most loved ingredient in global cuisine. It tends to make a pie pastry flakiest.

It also helps in cooking amazingly delicious fluffy frosting as well as a great sauce for different kinds of pasta.

Each recipe demands a bit of butter that brings crazy flakiness and super flavors in the recipe.

If you have just migrated to the USA, you will find it a bit difficult to use butter. You will get a new stick of butter.

On this stick, you will find 08 Tbsp. But what if you do not have any prior experience with the sticks of butter? It will be definitely a tall order for you.

Which Recipe Are You Following?

Which Recipe Are You Following

In the United States, we use the imperial system. In case, you are not aware regarding math lines of butter weight.

So, stick to the write-up and we will let you know how many cups is a stick of butter.

We are here trying to make things a lot easier for you. One of the easiest ways to use ingredients for a recipe is the cup measurement. So, how many cups is stickbutter?

Following we have detailed regarding the conversion of sticks of butter in the cups measurement:

Information About the Butter
Quantity of Butter in SticksQuantity of Butter in Cups
½ Sticks of Butter – Half Stick¼ Cup of Butter
04 Sticks of Butter02 Cups of Butter
02 Sticks of Butter01 Cup of Butter
01 Sticks of Butter½ Cup of Butter


Are you still confused about the sticks of butter? For somebody with no previous experience with sticks of butter, it might be a bit frustrating.

However, we have simplified the information for you here:

a. 1 Stick of the Butter in Sticks

To understand the conversion of sticks of butter in cups, let us consider the 01 stick of butter only. By understanding the conversion of 01 stick butter in cups, you can measure sticks in cups well.

1 stick of butter is equivalent to half cups or ½ cups of butter. So, if you have cups, you can use the half cup for 1 stick of butter.

b. ½ Sticks of Butter

Another great example to simplify the conversion of sticks butter in cups, you need to understand the conversion of sticks of butter in the cups.

If 1 stick of butter is equivalent to a half cup of butter, how many cups are ½ sticks of butter? This is indeed a perplexing question.

But we have the perfect calculation for you. ½ sticks of butter Are ¼ cups of butter.

Bottom Line

If you want to follow a US recipe, it will call for the sticks of butter. It can be a great challenge to measure the sticks in the butter.

Ordering butter that has stick measurement can also be a challenging thing to do outside the USA. So, enjoy making American recipes in France, UK, or the USA without any perplexing questions.

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