How Many Grams In A Stick Of Butter

Are you also perplexed about the different weight measurements of butter? You are not alone.

There are multiple people who find it extremely hard to convert sticks of butter to grams, cups, and other units of measurement.

When a European like us read about the grams vs. stick of butter, we wonder why Americans had to use the sticks at all. Why could they not simply use any other weight measurement?

Why Do Americans Weigh Butter in Sticks?

Why Do Americans Weigh the Butter in Sticks

First of all, let us answer the question of why Americans weigh butter in the sticks. It is a thinkable question.

The answer is simple. Americans volume solids according to their volume not weight. In other countries around the world, solids are weighed according to their weight.

However, it is not the same in the USA.

For weighing butter in America, people use sticks for weighing volume perfectly. Americans weigh the butter in sticks which are cut into tablespoons.

Each bar of butter is sold in semi-transparent packaging. The packaging has tablespoons.

These tablespoons help in converting the sticks of butter into the tablespoon. Each stick of butter has 08 tablespoons.

This is why Americans weigh butter in the sticks. Then, they use the same sticks in tablespoons for cooking, baking, or other purposes.

How Many Grams in a Stick of Butter?

Do you work with the grams of butter instead of the sticks of butter? You should not give up on your favourite recipe only if it has sticks of butter inclusion.

It is not difficult to convert the sticks of butter into grams if you are aware of the basic conversion numbers.

Following we have detailed the conversion of grams in the sticks of butter:

a. 01 Stick of Butter in the Grams

A gram is a unit of weight measurement. 01 gram is an equivalent number of 1/1000 of a kilogram.

For making a kilogram, we require 1000 grams. One stick of butter is equivalent to 113 grams.

b. Half Stick of Butter in the Grams

Since one stick of butter equals 113 grams, how many grams in a half stick of butter? This is an interesting question because it is quite a difficult job to halve the 113 grams.

So, you need to use your mathematical basic skills to get the right amount of butter.

Half a stick of butter is equivalent to 56.5 grams. When we add the 56.5, we get 113 grams. So, ½ stick of butter equals 113 grams.

c. 02 Sticks of Butter in the Grams

This is another mostly used stick of butter calculation.

If you remember how many 02 sticks of butter are in a gram, you will not find it difficult to work with the sticks of the butter. So, 226.8 grams is the 02 sticks of butter.


So, there are 113.4 grams of butter in a stick of butter. Use these calculations to make the perfect American pie or any other famous American recipe at your home.


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