How Much Are 2 Sticks Of Butter

Butter is the most special ingredient that enriches the flavor of your recipes. When you add butter to the recipe, it brings a unique taste to the dish.

Though butter remains a muted part of a dish, it is still the most important part of a dish.

How Did Butter Reach America?

How Did Butter Reach America

But have you wondered how did butter reach America? Were native Indians also using sticks of butter? Did native Indians weigh the butter in sticks of butter?

Maybe, this is why Americans weigh butter in sticks due to an earlier weight measurement system. To our great amazement, all of this is wrong.

It was the pilgrims who brought the sticks of butter tothe USA. Across the Atlantic Ocean, butter consumption began with the pilgrims.

For eating properly on the journey, pilgrims had packed lots of butter for their journey on the Mayflower.

Once pilgrims reached America, they used the butter as well as churned it.

They churned it by hands in Newfoundland. In the next three centuries, butter had become the favourite and staple of American farms.

How Do Americans Weigh Butter?

How Do Americans Weigh the Butter

Native Indians did not use butter; it was the pilgrims who brought the butter to America from Europe.

Americans weighed solids in volume. This was the reason you can read the sticks of butter.

There are 08 tablespoons in butter. In the market, you will buy sticks of butter that are further subdivided into tablespoons.

Since American recipes are favourites of multiple people around the world, they find it difficult to follow them due to the inclusion of sticks of butter.

They do not know how much is a stick of butter or how much is 02 sticks of butter. We are making everything a lot easier for you.

Following we have made an effort to make you understand the conversion of butter the grams, ounces, cups, and pounds.

1. 02 Sticks of Butter in Ounces

If you would like to measure the butter in ounces, you must know that 01 stick of butter equals 04 ounces.

Then, the 02 sticks of butter would be equivalent to 08 ounces.

2. 02 Sticks of Butter in the Grams

Grams are also another most common type of weight unit. However, you should know that it is trickier to convert the sticks of butter into grams.

½ stick of butter equals 56.7g, which means that 01 stick of butter is equivalent to 113.4 g. So, it means that 02 sticks of butter are equivalent to226.8g.

3. 02 Sticks of Butter in a Tablespoon

There are 08 tablespoons in a stick of butter. So, there are 16 tablespoons in 02 sticks of butter.

4. 02 Sticks of Butter in Pounds

There are ½ lbs. in 02 the sticks of butter. So, you should use half a pound in case the recipe calls for 02 sticks of butter.


So, we can say that there are ½ lbs., 08 ounces, 16 tablespoons, and 226.8g in 02 sticks of butter.

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