How Much Is A Stick Of Butter

Butter is one of the tastiest and most delicious ingredients that make a dish more palatable. It gives a reason to people to at least taste a dish.

To enhance the overall taste of a dish, you need to add the properly measured butter. There are so many recipes with butter ingredients.

You should taste them to increase the flavour of your dish. So, make the tastier recipes that are around the corner and increase the overall happiness of your family.

Measurement of  Butter in Various Countries around the World

The way we measure butter varies from one country to another country. People often measure volumes of butter in Canadian recipes.

But in the USA, people usually weigh their butter in sticks. It is another way around in the British and European recipes.

People in Europe and Britain weigh the recipes by weight. Conversion in the weights and volume is a bit easier. So, it is thinkable how to convert butter into the sticks.

Butter in Weights, Volumes, and Sticks

So, here are some of the equivalent volumes and weights of the butter:

Butter in VolumesButter in WeightsQuantity in Sticks
1 Tbsp. – 15 ML1/32 lb. (½ oz.) – 14 g⅛ stick of butter
2 Cups – 600 ML½ lb. (8 oz.) – 227 g1 stick of butter
1/8 Cup (2 Tbsp.) – 30 ML¼ lb. (4 oz.) – 115 g2 sticks of butter
¼ CUP – 59 ML1 lb. (16 oz.) – 454 g½ stick of butter
½ CUP – 125 ML1/8 lb. (2 oz.) – 58 g¼ stick of butter
1 Cup – 250 ML1/16 lb. (1 oz.) – 28 g4 sticks of butter

How to Weigh Butter in Sticks?

How to Weigh the Butter in Sticks

You can find the measurement of butter in sticks on the packet. However, it is not useful when you would like to use a particular amount of butter in the sticks.

In order to follow the USA measurement of the butter, there is little information available about it. Following are some of the top rules that will help in measuring butter in sticks:

1. 01 Stick Butter

If you would like to add 01 stick butter in the recipe, you should know the conversion of sticks into cups, ounces, and grams.

Sometimes, packets do not contain any useful information regarding stick conversion.

So, you must know that 1 stick of butter is ½ cup. Some recipes also use ounces, 1 stick of butter is 04 ounces. In grams, 1 stick of butter is 113 grams.

2. ½ Stick Butter

To make it easier for you to count the butter, you should know that ½ stick butter is ¼ cup butter. ½ stick butter is half of 1 stick butter.

So, you should halve other measurements as well. For instance, ½ stick butter will be 4 ounces. The same goes for grams. ½ stick butter is 56.5 grams.


This is how you can measure the sticks of butter in different weight measurements. You can at least use the cups for measuring sticks without being in a doubt.

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