How Much Is In A Stick Of Butter?

Butter is the ingredient that makes everything more delicious and more flavorful. There are lots of reasons that encourage you to use butter.

There are so many tastier recipes that are just around the corner. But how do you measure the butter? The measurements of the butter vary from one region to another.

It solely depends on how you measure the butter. You must be aware of the various types of weight unit measurements.

The Different Units of Weight– Measurement Systems

The Different Units of Weight

Whenever we click a recipe, we happen to read about cups, ounces, grams, and pounds. From one source or another, we the learn conversion of these weight unit measurements.

But how do we convert the ounces into the sticks or vice versa? Are you even aware of the sticks of butter?

The stick of butter is the common measurement system, which is calculated in the USA. People measure the butter in volume, which is why you will purchase the butter in sticks in the USA.

There are so many different types of butter in the USA. Yet all of them are sold in the sticks of butter.

How Much Is In a Stick of Butter?

If you are specifically talking about the stick of the butter, each stick of butter contains 08 tablespoons.

In a stick of butter, Americans get the 08 tablespoons. However, cookbooks only refer to the ½ sticks of butter or 01 sticks of butter.

So, it becomes important to understand how much is in a stick of butter.

Following, we have described the conversion of sticks of butter in the ounces, cups, grams, and pounds:

1. 01 Stick of Butter in  Ounces

There are 04 ounces in 1 stick of butter. Cooks can better use the 1 stick of butter by knowing its basic conversion number.

So, they can use the sticks of butter in different ways.

2. 1 Stick of Butter in Grams

People cannot convert the 1 stick of butter into grams. So, how do we convert the butter in grams? There are 113 grams in a stick of butter.

If you want to use half stick of butter in the recipe, there are 57 grams in a stick of butter.

3. 1 Stick of Butter in Cups

There is ½ cup in a stick of butter. You can reduce the number if you want to use the ½ stick of butter in the recipe.

There are ¼ cups of butter in ½ stick of butter. There is 1 cup in sticks of butter.

4. 1 Stick of Butter in Pounds

There are 1/8 lbs. in a half stick of butter. If you want to use  1 stick of butter in the dish, you should pour ¼ lbs. in the mixture.

There are ½ lbs. butter in 2 sticks of butter. This is how you can increase or decrease the number of sticks when converting them into pounds.


So, there are 4 ounces, ½ cups, 113 grams, and ¼ lbs. in a stick of butter. Use these numbers to make life in the kitchen easier for yourself.

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