How To Fix Undercooked Rice

Rice has its sources in the grass species Oryza Glaberrima or Stavia. Rice is called a cereal grain, which is consumed as a staple food.


Rice is consumed as a staple food in many parts of the world. Rice is a popular staple food in Africa as well as Asia.

Rice is the world’s third-highest agricultural commodity in the world.

How to Fix Undercooked Rice?

Cooking rice is an art. Cooking the perfect fluffy rice requires your attention to the details. If you do not pour sufficient water, the rice will not get cooked fully.

Undercooking huge amounts of rice is a nightmare. But the good news is that you can fix the undercooked rice.

If you have undercooked the rice, do not worry. You neither have to consume nor throw the rice away.

You can fix the undercooked rice in a few simple procedures. Here is how you can fix the undercooked rice:

Fixing Undercooked Rice with Diluted Wine

If you have undercooked the rice, you can cook it completely by adding diluted wine.

To fix half a kg of white rice, you need to make holes in the fan. In the holes, sprinkle the diluted wine.

Fixing Undercooked Rice in the Microwave

To fix the undercooked rice, make sure that rice is damp still. If your rice is dry, take a kitchen towel and dampen the rice with water.

Afterwards, place the damp towel on top of the rice and cover the rice with a lid. Now, it is high time to cook the rice for 2-3 minutes on the maximum heat setting in your microwave.

Take the rice out of the microwave within a preset time. Your rice would be fully cooked by now.

Fixing Undercooked Rice with Water

You can also fix the undercooked rice with water only. Whether you have cooked the rice in the microwave or pain, simply add the water according to the quantity of rice. Just add the ¾ amount of water to the full amount of water. Then, cook the rice fully.

How Do You Cook Undercooked Rice?How Do You Cook Undercooked Rice

There are many reasons why your rice did not cook well. To check out the reason, let us boil down to the basics of cooking.

If we get the fundamental cooking right, we will be able to cook the perfect rice.

Following are some of the top principles you should make sure of while cooking perfect rice:

Avoiding Cooking Undercooked Rice

  • Taking Proper Measurements

It is very essential to take proper measurements for cooking perfect rice. Measure the water in the same cup which you used to measure the rice quantity.

Also, bear in mind that different types of rice require various amounts of water. For instance, brown rice requires much more water than white rice.

So, take proper measurements otherwise your rice will get crunchier.

  • Pre-soak and Rinse the Rice

You should pre-soak the rice in water before rinsing it. Immerse the rice in water an hour before cooking it in the water.

When you start cooking the rice, make sure to rinse the rice properly three times. Keep rinsing the water until rice water is not cloudy.

You must remain aware that aromatic rice requires a lot of water such as Jasmine Rice and Basmati Rice.

If you properly pre-soak and rinse the rice, the rice gets cooked fully. Otherwise, your rice will not get to cook at all.

  • Do Not Disturb the Rice

When rice is being cooked under steam, make sure not to lift the pan lid or touch the pot. If you lift the pan’s lid, steam would escape.

As such, the temperature inside the pot would get decreased. Set out a time, and then peek inside the pan at the perfect time.

  • Perfect Rice to Water Ratio

You need the perfect water to rice ratio for cooking beautiful, fluffy, and fresh rice. If there is only a cup of rice, you need two cups of water for cooking it.

If there is a half cup of rice, make that double with one cup of water for cooking the rice.

How Do You Soften Hard-Cooked Rice?How Do You Soften Hard-Cooked Rice

There are multiple ways that you can use to soften the hard-cooked rice. You add the minimum quantity of water to make the rice wet and then cook the rice fully.

You should follow these principles to avoid cooking hard cook rice:

Close the Lid Tightly

If your rice pot is not covered properly, steam would escape. Therefore, your rice would get undercooked or get hardened.

You can also cover the lid of the pot with a towel so that steam does not escape at all.

Never Cook Rice at Extreme Temperatures

Rice is always cooked at low temperatures. Make sure to cook the rice at the lowest temperature otherwise water in the rice would evaporate.

If rice is cooked at a high temperature, it would lead to undercooked and uneven cooked rice.

Using Kitchen Timer

Use the kitchen timer for cooking the perfect and fluffy rice. You should purchase a rice cooker that is equipped with a timer.

How Do You Fix Undercooked Rice In The Microwave?How Do You Fix Undercooked Rice In The Microwave

You can fix undercooked rice in the following way:

  • Put the undercooked rice in a microwave-safe bowl.
  • Dampen a towel and place it above the rice.
  • Let rice sit in the oven for 2-3 minutes.
  • Take it out.

Rice would be fully cooked by now.

Can Your Recook Rice If Undercooked?

Yes. You can recook the undercooked rice and enjoy the fresh smell of rice.

Undercooked rice can be corrected by adding water, diluted wine, or cooking the rice in the microwave.

What Happens If You Eat Undercooked Rice?What Happens If You Eat Undercooked Rice

Undercooked rice consists of the bacteria that are known as the Bacillus Cereus. This bacterium causes food poisoning, which upsets the stomach.

The same bacteria multiply at room temperature and produce toxins. This poison can cause diarrhoea or vomiting. So, make sure to never eat undercooked rice.

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