Learn Bob Evans Sausage Gravy Recipe

Do you find it difficult to make gravy? Gravies demand a lot of expertise and skills.

You cannot make gravies without learning it from an expert chef. So, how can we make gravy without learning it from a professional?

Bob Evans had made it easier for the people. Bob Evan Sausage Gravy is the perfect boxed item that brings much ease into the lives of people.

The Bob Evans Sausage Gravy Recipe consists of the perfect measurements.

You will just need to stir and mix the ingredients together for making the Bob Evans Sausage Gravy Recipe.

Here is how you can make Bob Evans Sausage Gravy Recipe:

Ingredients for Bob Evans Sausage Gravy

  • Bob Evans Original Roll Sausage 1 lb.
  • ¼ cup of all-purpose flour
  • Salt and black pepper for tasting
  • 08 biscuits
  • 02 cups of milk

Instructions for Preparing Bob Evans Sausage Gravy

1. Buying the Bob Evans Sausage Gravy

Bob Evans Sausage Gravy Recipe is a classic recipe, which has the richness of spices and herbs. It has all the amazing traditional smells, which attract the attention of everyone in its proximity. They cannot tempt the recipe successfully. So, purchase it.

2. Cooking the Sausages

Unbox the gravy ingredients, and cook the sausages. Crumble the sausages and cook them fully.

In a large skillet, cook the sausage on medium heat until the sausage gets browned. You should taste the sausage to check whether it has been fully cooked.

3. Adding the Flour

You must add the flour into the pan, and keep stirring it. The flour should dissolve into the pan fully.

3. Adding the Milk

After the flour has been mixed, add the milk into the flour and whisk it thoroughly.

Make sure that the milk does not form lumps with the flour. If it forms the lumps, try to remove the lumps by whisking nicely. The milk thickens the gravy.

4. Cooking the Gravy

You must keep cooking the gravy until it forms a bubble. The thickness of the gravy is good. It should not fall from the spoon – you should cook it to get this thickness.

5. Seasoning

Now, it is seasoning time. You must add the white pepper and salt to the mixture.

The seasonings enhance the taste of the dish fully. You can also add any extra spice that you love.

But make sure to keep the taste subtler.  Too spicy ruins the taste of the gravy.

6. Serving the Bob Evans Sausage Gravy

It is ideal to serve the gravy hot. However, you can use the biscuits for serving the Bob Evans Sausage Gravy.

Pour the gravy into the bowl that is placed at the centre and lay biscuits around it.

It is the perfect way to serve the Bob Evans Sausage Gravy.


If you get the leftovers of the sausage gravy, refrigerate it and eat it later. The taste of the refrigerated gravy enhances greatly.

So, get ready to enjoy the blessed and tasteful food.

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