The World’s Third-Highest Agricultural Product

Rice is the seed of a grass species that is scientifically known as Oryza Sativa. This is the world’s third-highest agricultural product.

There are more than 40,000 species of rice in the world.

Long grain, basmati, wild, and jasmine are some of the popular types of rice. 95% of the world’s rice production is eaten by humans.

And about half the people in the world depend on rice as their staple food. Rice is the most important food grain in terms of human nutrition and calorie eating, providing more than one-fifth of the calories spent worldwide.

Rice is cooked and boiled but it is usually eaten with the main meal. China, India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh are the major producers of rice.

Top Rice Producing Counters


China is the world’s largest rice-producing country. They fruitfully produce hybrid rice created from two different types of plants.

They produce over 200 million rice per year. Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, and Sichuan are the main parts where about 95% of the rice tradition is traditionally produced.

Probably 65% ​​of Chinese people eat rice as their main food.


India is one of the largest producers of rice, with white and brown rice. West Bengal is a huge rice-producing region of India.

India is the world’s top exporter of basmati rice. They produce 100 metric tons of rice per year and it’s the main income source of 65% of people in India.


Indonesia is the third-largest rice producer country in the world. They mainly produce rice on the islands of Java and Sumatra.

Probably rice production from Sumatra is 60% and 77% of people are related to agriculture. Agriculture is the main income source in Indonesia and they cultivate the land using a knife or sickle.

Indonesia produces 36.70 million metric tons of rice per year.


Rice is the main food of Bangladeshi people. Here 75% of the people are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture and 28% of GDP comes from agriculture.

Bangladesh produces 34.91 million tons of rice every year and Bangladesh also exports rice to countries around the world.

Rice cultivation in Bangladesh varies according to the changes in the water supply. Mainly Aman, Boro, and Asu are the lion’s share of rice production in Bangladesh.

Importance of Rice

Importance of Rice-min

Rice is the world’s third-highest agricultural product and it is a very essential food for us.  As a multipart carb, rice is the primary source of energy for more than half of the world’s people.

Liable on the rice strain, it may cover decent amounts of fibre, protein, vitamin B, iron, and manganese.

It can play an important role against malnutrition. Traditional herbal medicine in rice, rice is used for skin treatment or boiled for eye lotion.

It can be an element in beauty products to create shiny hair. Overall rice is very essential in your daily life.

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What is the most produced agricultural product in the world?

The most produced agricultural product is sugar cane from Brazil and corn is the second one from the United States. Brazil produces over 700 million tons of sugar can every year.

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