Water Fast Weight Loss Calculator

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Water fast weight loss calculator

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What are the benefits of fasting training? weight lossWhat are the benefits of fasting training weight loss

The benefits are mostly related to burning fat. When you exercise in the morning, glucose stores are depleted, so your body uses another energy substrate to continue; in this case the fat.

This means that on an empty stomach, the exercise burns fatter than after eating.

On the other hand, your body becomes sensitized to insulin, which means that it is easier to lose weight in the long term.

What effects does fasting training have on my body?What effects does fasting training have on my body

Here the nuances come into play. The answer is: “it depends.” It depends, first of all, on the type of training.

At moderate intensity, it has the effect of burning more fat. This effect will be especially pronounced in the cases of resistance training and low-medium intensity: that is, prolonged moderate efforts.

The reason is that carbohydrates (blood glucose, muscle and liver glycogen) are used mainly at the beginning of the race or training and when the intensity of exercise is high, in the first phase of training.

What happens to my metabolism if I train without breakfast?What happens to my metabolism if I train without breakfast

Fasting training is intended to force the body to use fat as an energy source. During sleep, there is a reduction in glycogen stores.

Starting from low glycogen levels will cause the body to draw on the other source of energy during training.

That energy is the fat that accumulates in adipose tissues and of which there are more than enough reserves.

What are meal replacements? fast weight loss

Meal replacements are products designed to control body weight. These preparations are rich in nutrients and micronutrients and at the same time, low in calories.

So they are used to lose weight. Their preparation is very simple: it will be enough to mix them in water or milk, depending on the indications.

You can adapt meal replacements to our weight loss program and consume them at home, at work or on the go.

If you lead a very active life and have little time to prepare a meal at home, substitutes could be “your salvation”, offering you a healthy alternative to the “junk” food of the nearest fast-food restaurant.

Among the “weak points” of meal replacements, we find monotony (taking one of these products for a long time can be boring) and the possibility of falling into unhealthy eating patterns that could lead to malnutrition.

In the following table, you can take a look at the pros and cons:

In favor of meal replacementsAgainst meal replacements
They eliminate the need to plan a healthy meal.So they can be monotonous or boring.
They save time (no cooking required).They can complicate social life (eating out or having dinner with friends).
Easy to carry (in shaker or bottle).They can have a high cost.
Used properly, they allow you to lose weight and keep this loss stable.“Rebound” effect if a healthy diet is not maintained at the end of the diet.
High protein content that helps you not lose lean mass (muscle) while dieting.Low-calorie intake. Risk of malnutrition if used without medical supervision or for long periods of time.

Can I Really Lose Weight With Meal Replacements?Can I Really Lose Weight With Meal Replacements

Are meal replacements used to lose weight or are they just yet another “hoax”?

What is certain is that these products have been shown to be useful in achieving modest but significant weight loss in people with overweight or obesity.

However, meal replacements have some special features that are useful to know if you want to get the most benefit from them:

Slight weight loss

Analysing the available studies on meal replacements, we can see that, for the most part, they show that replacing one or two meals a day can promote weight loss (4-5% of body weight after approximately 12 weeks).

The goal is health

Weight loss due to meal replacements does not seem to cause “exceptional” changes in the physical appearance of the person taking them.

However, losing even a few pounds may be more than enough to improve certain important health parameters, such as blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol levels.


These meal replacements are also used to maintain the desired weight (achieved after “surgery” with the replacements themselves).

It has been noted that some parameters, such as inflammation or oxidative stress (mechanisms that negatively affect the health of obese people), may continue to improve during the “maintenance” phase.

Maintain your muscles

One of the dangers of “aggressive” diets is the loss of lean (muscle) mass. The musculature is an essential reserve of protein for recovery from illness or injury.

Meal replacements will cause a small loss of lean mass, proportional to the weight loss. While using these products, pay attention to your lean mass!

More Effective in Men

Studies reveal that these meal replacements may be more effective in men. Compared to women, men seem to lose more weight and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels more.

Experts wonder if the reason for this “inequity” could lie in the hormonal differences between the sexes.

The main challenge is consistency

Many people (up to 30% of volunteers, in some studies) drop out of the meal replacement program.

Using these products can get boring in the long run, so you will need to design a healthy and varied diet plan to maintain adequate weight after using the replacements.


If we compare these meal replacements to a low-calorie diet, we see that the weight loss may be greater with the replacements.

Furthermore, since these products contain all the essential vitamins and minerals, it would not be necessary to resort to food supplements while taking them.

However, “just any substitute” should not be employed.

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