What Does Green Tea Taste Like

Green tea is a hot drink that is made from the Camellia Sinesis plant. Green tea consists of the plant leaves and buds that have not experienced oxidation process as well as withering.

Green tea is said to originate in China. Then, it spread to other parts of the world. Presently, Green tea is consumed around the world as a healthy tea alternative.

It’s production and manufacturing has also spread to different parts of the world.

Green tea has the lowest calorie per ounce. When green tea is prepared with hot water only, it has 2-3 calories per ounce. Green tea is also packed with a great number of health benefits.

How Does Green Tea Taste Like?

Different people describe green tea in various ways. Commonly, green tea is described as a nutty, vegetal, buttery, fruity, swampy, bittersweet and oceanic.

These different adjectives are used to describe the taste of the green tea because there are many different recipes of the green tea.

Steamed green tea has a bitter and sour taste. The aftertaste of the green tea is bitter. However, other type of green tea tends to be sweeter.

Lemon green tea has a sour taste that is a favourite hot drink of tea lovers.

How do you make green tea taste so good?How do you make green tea taste so good

If you are trying green tea anew, there are many people who call green tea as bitter. They are not entirely wrong. Green tea is the least processed teas, which means that green tea retains a good amount of its natural and earthy smell, compounds and flavours.

The natural flavour of the green tea is sensitive to other factors such as temperature of the hot water. If green tea does not brew properly, it affects the flavour of the tea.

So, making good green tea requires a bit of knowledge. You can make green tea in following way:

1. Temperature of the Water:

Green tea has hard leaves. It means that green tea should be brewed at a water temperature of 180F-180F. To make the best green tea, brew the tea at 170 F to 180F temperature.

You should brew tea at this temperature for 2-3 minutes and sieve it.

2. Adding a dash of lemon

You can also add a few drops of lemon in the green tea to enhance it’s taste. Lemon brings out a sour taste in the tea.

If you have steeped green tea a few minutes longer, you can add a few drops of lemon in it to remove the bitterness.

3. Adding Honey in the Tea

You also add honey in the tea alternatively to add a bit of sweetness in the green tea. Green tea is an earthy smelling tea. It has pungent taste. Only sweetness can enhance it’s overall taste.

4. Adding Raw Sugar Or Stevia Leaf

You can also enhance the taste of green tea by adding stevia leaf and raw sugar in the green tea.

Raw sugar and stevia leaf brings a strong flavour of sweetness in the green tea.

5. Adding Ginger

Ginger is a good friend of the green tea since a long period of time. Ginger brings a subtle flavour in the green tea. Add ginger in green tea, and say thanks later.

6. Pouring Flower petals

You can pour a good many flower petals in the tea to soften it’s taste. Rose petals, sunflower petals or any other flower petals can increase it’s taste.

Lavender and jasmine flower petals are also famous flavours of the green tea.

7. Adding peppermint to the Tea

Peppermint has a fresh taste that enhances overall taste of the green tea. Addition of peppermint to the tea is a classic way of flavouring the green tea.

8. Putting Dried Fruit in the Tea

You can also mix the dried fruit in the green tea for enhancing its quality of taste. Dried fruit are a good addition for the iced tea.

Why does green tea taste so bad?Why does green tea taste so bad

The main reasons behind bitter green tea are the temperature of water and the steeping time. If you brew green tea at water temperature 200F, green tea will definitely turn bitter.

It is so because green tea releases polyphenols too fast at higher temperature. The excessive amount of polyphenols turn the green tea bitter.

Also, brewing green tea is similar to cooking of a meal. You need to take a good care of meals.

The best solution for this problem is the electrical tea kettle. You can make green tea in an electrical kettle on scheduled time and set temperature.

Does green tea taste like normal tea?

No. Green tea does not have a normal tea taste. Green tea has an earthy and pungent smell. Green tea is the least processed tea which is why it does not have artificial taste or smell.

If you add sugar or any sweet ingredients, green tea retains its uniquely pungent and earthy smell.

You can add many ingredients to increase its taste such as stevia leaf, lemon dash, honey etc.

What does green taste like?What does green taste like

Green tea has a nutty, grassy, earthy and pungent taste. Green tea does not have a bitter taste naturally. If you do not make it well, green tea will definitely turn bitter.

If you do not like uniquely bland taste of green tea, you can add lemon or sweet ingredients to increase the quality of its taste.

What happens if I drink green tea everyday?What happens if I drink green tea everyday

Green tea is said to improve the flow of blood as well as lower the bad cholesterol. According to a 2013 review, it was found that green tea helps I’m the prevention of heart health issues.

Green tea is also beneficial for high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. So, green tea improves the functioning of the brain as brain too requires healthy blood vessels as well

Bottom Line

Green tea is one of most consumed tea in the world that has its origin in China. You can add several ingredients to increase the taste quality of the tea.

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