What Is European Style Butter?

Had you noticed that butter in Europe is quite different from butter in America? There are so many options for butter.

The options of the butter expand with every passing day. But the main type of European-styled butter is quite different.

There are not only ever-expanding sections of the butter but also many nationalities. The demand for butter has increased its reputation and types in the market.

The Nationalities of Butter

The Nationalities of Butter

There can also be different types of nationalities. There are so many types of butter such as American butter, Moroccan butter, and French butter.

Every nationality of butter is different from the other because it was made in a different way. This is why; we are talking about European butter.

How Do Europeans Make Butter?

European-style butter is a unique type of butter because the method to produce the butter is quite unique.

Europeans follow the same method of producing butter. Europeans follow a certain method of churning butter.

In this European style of butter, people churn the butter for an extended period of time so as to achieve 82% of the butterfat.

Europeans make the butter by allowing it to ferment for achieving a light sour taste. However, you will find butter, which consists of the added cultures.

Either way, you will end up eating tangy and sour butter.

How Does  Europeans Butter Taste?

How Does the Europeans Butter Taste

European-style butter favours the butter due to its rich taste. The enriched taste of the butter results from the higher butterfat content of the European style.

When there is a higher quantity of butterfat in the softer texture, saturated yellow hue and faster melt, the taste of the butter enhances overall.

Most chefs use European butter for their cooking because it has less amount of water in it.

If chefs would like to bring a tangy and enriched flavour to their dish, they often prefer European-style butter.

The flavour of  European-style butter is royale and buttery.

Does European Style Butter Taste Better?

As discussed earlier, European-style butter is a type of butter that has a higher quantity of fat.

The unique thing about European-style butter is that chefs use sweet fresh cream. So, they can churn it to higher milk fat.

The fermentation process of the European-style butter also gives it an amazingly unique tangy taste.

Other kinds of butter do not have any cultured taste. The European-Style butter tastes amazing because it has been cultured.

The European-Style of the Butter has an added richness.

Is European-style Butter Different from the American Butter?

Yes. The European-styled butter is quite different from the American butter. USDA regulates and monitors American Butter.

According to the USDA, butter should contain 80% of the butterfat. The American butter does not include any added culture.

So, European butter smells and tastes more flavorful than American butter.

So, European-style butter is more flavorful and more enriched than American butter.


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