What Is Feta Cheese Made From?

Feta cheese is a flavourful creamy cheese, which is prepared in the brine. Feta cheese is a special Greek cuisine, which is a staple food in the Freeze. It is an important part of the Mediterranean diet. Many people use feta cheese in sandwiches, salads, or other platters. All in all, feta cheese is made of great-quality milk or a combination of different kinds of milk. So, you may wonder what type of milk feta cheese consists of.

In this article, we will have a closer look at feta cheese. We will detail the different types of milk which it contains.

So, here we have the details of feta cheese:

 The Ingredients of the Feta Cheese

Many people wonder what feta cheese consists of. Feta cheese contains sheep milk, which also contains goat milk. It is the European Union that has standardized the ratio of sheep milk and goat in the feta cheese.

According to the EU, the ratio of sheep milk is 79% and the ratio of feta cheese is 21%. This protection of the ingredients of feta cheese only exists in the EU.

In Middle Eastern countries, you cannot find any such restrictions. Feta cheese is a staple food in the USA and other South American countries. So, the percentage of each ingredient may vary.

 How Is Feta Cheese Made?

The percentage of each ingredient in the feta cheese may vary. It consists of the lactic acid bacteria, which sours the milk. It may also initiate the fermentation process. Next, you can add the rennet enzymes into the milk for separating the milk curds from the whey ingredient. Whey is available in the liquid protein shape, which is only a byproduct of the cheese.

When the chefs succeed in separating the curds from the whey, they place the curds in the small blocks and put them in the perfect moulds.

Within 24 hours, chefs remove the feta cheese blocks from the moulds. Then, chefs salt the feta cheese blocks and place them inside the metal containers for the ageing process. A few days later, people transfer the new containers, which contain liquid salty brine.

The feta cheese also has to remain in the liquid brine for ageing purposes. It should remain in the mould containers for 2 months at least. You should include feta cheese in your diet because it has lots of advantages

Is Feta Cheese Goats Cheese?

Is Feta Cheese the Goat Cheese

There is a good difference between feta cheese and goat cheese. These are the amazing types of cheese that have a unique yet amazingly fresh taste. The feta cheese is not the same as the goat cheese. Feta cheese consists of 70% sheep milk and 30% goat milk. However, the goat cheese only consists of goat milk. So, feta cheese is not the same as goat cheese.


Feta cheese is a low-calorie and low-fat cheese. When you purchase feta cheese outside the EU, the ingredients of feta cheese may vary.

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