What Kind Of Cheese Is String Cheese?


You would be surprised to know that the cheese-making process is an essential procedure for the creation of amazingly delicious stringy cheese.

They create the stringiness of the cheese by pulling and stretching the cheese with the help of an auger.

They also heat the string cheese to 140 degrees. When they heat the milk at this temperature, the protein in the milk moves and changes as it starts aligning horizontally.

The alignment of the milk’s protein makes cheese stretchy.

Why Should You Choose The String Cheese?

Why Should You Choose The String Cheese

If you do not have the time to make any snacks, you should choose string cheese. This is a great source of vitamin C and Calcium.

The string cheese offers 08 grams of protein, 04 grams of fibre, and other essential minerals. It gives you lots of energy. So, you should try to have the string cheese now and then.

What Kind of Cheese is String Cheese?

The string cheese is actually mozzarella cheese. Let us tell you that the string ability of the cheese does not occur as a result of the reaction of an additive.

There are no scary additives put into the processed string cheese. You should not worry about the stringiness of the cheese.

So, you may question why Mozzarella cheese has stringiness but no other cheese in this world has stringiness?

It is not rocket science to make the string cheese. The string cheese is actually Mozzarella cheese.

People usually make mozzarella cheese by using rennet, milk, and cultural ingredients.

They mix the ingredients, and culture it according to the standardized process of string cheese.

String cheese is the mozzarella cheese that uses different types of protein.

The protein acts in a particular way, forming the stringiness in the cheese. The process of making the string cheese makes it an amazing type of cheese.

Making Mozzarella Cheese Into String Cheese

So, string cheese consists of amazing-quality mozzarella cheese.

The mozzarella cheese only has the peel-apart quality. This is the main reason for which experts comment that string cheese is mozzarella cheese.

When chefs make the mozzarella cheese, they heat the cheese curds for melting all the ingredients together.

Then, they put the cheesy mixture into one molten cheese mass. It starts to heat the milk proteins into an alignment.

The heating begins to move the milk proteins partially – not completely.

When the curds melt completely, chefs make the mozzarella cheese into the blocks or stretched balls.

At this point, the mozzarella cheese avails of peel-able quality.

For making string cheese, experts keep stretching the mozzarella cheese furthermore. They do it traditionally with one hand.

However, chefs now use the machines for stretching the cheese. Finally, they give it the shape of the ropes.

Bottom Line

The string cheese is mozzarella cheese which is stretched by experts furthermore.

String cheese is the most amazing and most delicious snack available on the market.

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