Why is My Rice Still Hard after Cooking

The common thing is why it is so challenging especially in the kitchen. Cooking rice is an easy task in the kitchen.

People face many problems while cooking. The most common problem they face is that cooking rice still hard.

Here we put mistakes you made while cooking rice that’s why your rice still hard after cooking. Hopefully, this guide information solves your problem.

Rice Still Hard after Cooking

Rice Still Hard after Cooking

After cooking your rice still hard, what’s the problem? Don’t worry we’ve got your problem and will gather them in this article.

So read the article step by step.

Forgetting to wash your Rice

When you wash your rice it helps you to remove dust and starch. The expert says to wet your rice for at least 25 minutes in the water.

If you forget to rinse your rice it can cause hard rice. Keep in mind to rinse the rice before cooking.

Using the Wrong Ratio of Rice to Liquid

The expert chef recommends one portion of rice from two portions of liquid, in addition to a few bowls of rice. If you serve that rice under a sauce item like steak-fry or stew, I personally recommend a ratio of 1/2 to 1.

If you don’t maintain water measurement to cook rice your rice can be hard for this reason.

Use a Lid That Does Not Match the pot Snugly

Method of cooking rice using the right proportion of liquid, for spicy grains. And a lid is very essential if the lid doesn’t fit with the pot it can cause hard rice.

So it’s best to stick to the recipe and get a solid lid.

Lifting the Lid

If you remove the id from the pot, it can cause to release steam and pressure from the rice. It might drop your cooking temperature, which affects the perfect cooking rice.

If the temperature drop down the rice couldn’t cook properly and it can be the cause of hard rice.

Remember, do not remove the lid when cooking rice.

Picking the Wrong Cookware

The pot that cooks is the best equipment for make rice. If you choose the wrong cookware it can distribute the heat evenly.

If the heat is not evenly distributed, the rice does not cook well and it can also burn your rice. So choose the right cookware to cook rice perfectly.


The above point can be the reason for hard rice. If you maintain this thing hope you can cook rice properly.

Now you know why your rice still hard after cooking, avoid these and cook rice freely. If you have any questions or advice please tell us in the comment box.

Till then happy cooking.

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